Our Story

La Bimba is about keeping our food cycle as close to home as possible and allowing the produce to speak for itself. The thing about simple honest food is that there is nothing simple about it; it’s the blood sweat and tears that go into it long before it even enters the kitchen and this is what makes simple food extraordinary.

Steve Earl

Owner & Head Chef

Born in Winchelsea, Steve has always had an affinity for the Great Ocean Road and admired those who source produce from local areas and treated it respectfully. His uncle from Holland was a chef who inspired Steve to understand environment through appetite and at 17 Steve decided to develop culinary skills to complement this vision.

“100% organic, grass-fed, no bullshit…
It’s nice that this is no longer an occasion but this is just how we do things now, common practice the common sense way.”

After multiple journeys abroad, Steve wanted to make the Otways his home and ignite the flavours he’d embraced overseas. At the time, he was unable to source ingredients locally and as a result bought a farm in Wongarra where he grew black truffles, fruits and vegetables, Welsh Black Beef and Suffolk Lamb to use in La Bimba Restaurant.

Steve currently lives in the Apollo Bay and continues to celebrate the region’s produce and maintain its integrity, which is demonstrated in La Bimba menus and relationships with local businesses.


125 Great Ocean Rd
Apollo Bay VIC 3233
(03) 5237 7411